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My name is Caity, I’m a puppy trainer based in Berwick, VIC. I offer 1 on 1 private sessions and dog training walks. I am all about helping to equip owners with the tools and information they need to create a trusting and stress-free relationship with their dog.


Ever since starting work in a pet store, I was thrown into teaching puppy school straight away. For a young girl given this responsibility, the anxiety at first was very intense. Though after the first class, I immediately fell in love with it! There has been something special about helping people with their dogs ever since. 


More than 10 years later and I’m running one of the top puppy schools in the Eastern suburbs and helping people in a 1 on 1 setting outside of my day job. 

I’ve worked in pet retail, doggie daycares, shelters, with dog treat companies and had my own pet photography and design business. All of my careers have involved dogs, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I have always loved training my own dogs, achieving my Finnish Lapphund’s American trick dog championship title at a very young age. 

Being a dog breeder, I am also involved in the show ring, helping train show dogs to perform and helping socialise them to all the funny sights and sounds.  


It’s important that our dogs not only love us but trust us. This is why when we train we train with love and patience, we get satisfying results and nurture a strong and trusting relationship between us and our dogs.



1 on 1 Training Sessions

1 on 1 training sessions in the home. 
From puppy basics, general training and helping with unwanted behavior problems. 

Sessions are $100 an hour.

*Suburbs outside the City of Casey will incur a travel fee.*


Puppy Pre-School

For Puppies 8-16 Weeks

4 Week course, 1 hour each session

Cost: $160
Run at Lynbrook & Berwick-Clyde Vet
What We Cover

• Socialisation

• Basic Obedience Commands

• Toilet Training

• Undesirable Behaviours

• Puppy Wellbeing


Walk n' Trains

A Walk n' Train involves me picking up your dog and taking them out and about for a training walk. Teaching them lead manners, basic obedience commands and socializing them in various environments.

30 minutes - $40

1 hour - $60

*Suburbs outside the City of Casey will incur a travel fee.*


Puppy Primary School

For Dogs 4 Months & Over

4 Week course, 1 hour each session

Cost: $175
Run at Lynbrook Vet
What We Cover

• Socialisation

• Intermediate Obedience Commands • Place Training & Impulse Control

• Engagement

• Mental Stimulation



Home Visit Package

4 x 1 on 1 Training Sessions $350

Walk n' Train Packages

4 x 30 minute Walk n' Train $150

4 x 60 minute Walk n' Train $220


Combo Package

2 x 1 on 1 Training Sessions & 2 x 30 minute Walk n' Trains $250

*Suburbs outside the City of Casey will incur a travel fee.*

Our Team.

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Phone: 0413 998 334

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